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If you need to cancel your appointment please try to give us at least 48 hours notice so we have time to try and fill your slot. 

We offer self swims and Assisted swims;

Self Swim - You are required to swim with your own dog, fit him/her with a life jacket if required and shower them down afterwards.. There is a member of staff available to explain the procedures to you but not go in the pool. These sessions operate everyday.

Assisted Swim - You are still able to swim your dog during these sessions if you wish or Julie (our staff member) is available to swim with your dog if you decide not to go in the pool. She will also assist with fitting a life jacket and showering your dog if you wish.  These sessions operate on Wednesday's, T​hursday's, Saturday's and Sunday's 

Fun Swims

Swim with your dog and have precious one to one time in our pool, its truly a special experience.

Swimming has many benefits for your dog as well as being fun and a great form of exercise; It's good for the cardiovascular system and builds muscle tone as well as having added benefits for dogs who are overweight, have reduced mobility, joint pain and arthritis. If you dog has mobility issues due to any of the above you may require a 'mobility swim' (see the section below) Life jackets are available for those who need a little help and confidence in the water.

If you intend to swim with your dog please ensure you wear suitable clothing - leggings/shorts and a t-shirt. We have changing facilities onsite for your convenience, please bring your own towels; - for yourself and your dog. Over 16's only are permitted to swim in the pool.

For those who prefer to view rather than participate, our team will be more than happy to swim your dog for you, shower and towel dry them ready for home.

Appointments can be booked in 30  or 60 minute slots.  Please note; your appointment time is your time in the pool room and does include showering your dog afterwards.  However, human changing can be done after your appointment time using the changing facilities on site.

The pool can also be hired for canine parties. Please contact us to arrange your appointment, you can call us on;

01623 239002, contact us via the form on the 'contact us' page or send an e-mail -

Fitness & Mobility Swims

Fitness & Mobility swims are a comfortable , relaxed and enjoyable way to rehabilitate your dog with minimal discomfort, being immersed in warm water creates a feeling and sense of well being and helps to ease any pain. The absence of loading ​on the body allows treatment to be carried out in the water which the dog would find difficult or impossible on land, this allows your dog to regain normal movement and mobility much quicker than would otherwise be possible. Regular and correct movement of a joint or muscle groups ensures the brain and central nervous system continue to recognise the ability of the area and continue sending the impulse messages required to achieve effective mobility.

Mobility Swims can be used to treat the following conditions; fitness, joint mobility, strength, pain control, muscle tone and density, posture, balance and co- ordination, tissue repair, weight loss and help increase the speed of recovery after an injury/illness or surgery. Our staff member will be in the pool with your dog, you are able to spectate from our viewing area. All dogs are showered after their swim and towel dried (please bring your dog's towel with you).

Please seek veterinary advice before swimming any dog with a health condition. Veterinary referral is required prior to swimming for all mobility swims. 

Current Prices

Fun Swim (Self Swim or Assisted)

30 minutes


Additional Dogs £5 each

Fun Swim (Self swim or assisted)

1 Hour


Additional Dogs £10 each

Mobility Swims

Referral from the vet


30 Minute swim with a member of staff

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